A New Beginning

Dear Lovely Clients,

It has been an Amazing year of growth and change! My life is filled with more love than I can even explain.

This week I finished my first year in college, working toward my goal of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. I hope each of you know what am amazing inspiration you are to me! 

Amongst the changes Flutterby Therapy has transformed into a new location. I am now accepting appointments inside a lovely place called Soul Spa off Cole road near Ustick road.


2645 N Cole Rd. Suite A

Boise, ID 83704

Please come see me at my new location and help me celebrate a year of TRANSFORMATION!





Good Morning

Good Morning World,

Today is a gorgeous day in Boise, ID. I am so excited about the holiday season as I am sure you are too!

I was reminded this morning that Christmas is about being able to let go and relax… so if the holidays have you overwhelmed;

Take a step back….


Let all control go…

and Just listen to the music and be in the space of Joy!

Luv the Flutterby